To support the next step of WBYO - the working phase and concert tour of Octobre 2021 - eight clubs of the Rotary family in Aachen invited the Rotary Orchester Deutschland to give a big open air charity concert in Aachen in June 2021. Tickets were being distributed and donations collected beginning autumn 2020. So there was already a substantial amount of donations available when in February 2021 the concert had to be postponed to 2023 due to the Corona situation. Still, the donations were made available for the project, together with the unused funds from the first attempt of March 2020 which had to be cancelled due to Corona.


Involved clubs:

  • Rotary Club Aachen-Land
  • Rotary Club Aachen
  • Rotary Club Aachen-Charlemagne
  • Rotary Club Aachen-Connect
  • Rotary Club Aachen-Frankenburg
  • Rotary Club Aachen-Nordkreis
  • Rotaract Club Aachen
  • Inner Wheel Club Aachen

With special thanks to the Rotary Orchester Deutschland whose members were to give the concert free of charge and carry their costs themselves.

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