How do you experience the Corona situation and how does it affect your musical development and plans?

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    I find it as a good way to improve my music making and explore my instrument more.
  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    By this point, a year or so after Corona appeared in the Netherlands where I live, I am very much tired of it and am trying hard to keep my mental health a priority; trying to keep patient while everything is closed and there is a curfew, but juggling work, students, my own studies and graduation in a couple of months all at once. Life is going on at the regular, non-Corona pace, only now via internet/screen which definitely does not make it any easier. However, musically I have noticed immense progress intimately really, I find my relationship with my instrument is incomparably healthier now than it was prior to Corona; I have had time to take a close, slow-motion look at my technique, review old repertoire that I loved, focused on making project plans with no deadline, and definitely shift a lot of my focus to teaching my students, which I am doing a lot in the past 7-8 months and developing huge love for. I try to find ways to perform sometimes even only for family, friends or students and often online, since proper concerts are not happening her; but I am definitely missing the stage, audience, lights and all that comes with it and am patiently hoping and looking forward to experiencing it all again.
  • WBYO member, 21.02.2021:
    This pandemic is the worst thing that i have ever experienced, on one hand we have the fear of getting infected and on the other we have to deal with all the struggles it brought. For me as a student the biggest one is studying online which is very difficult for a musician.It is true that being isolated at home has given me way more time to practice but without being able to perform on stage. I miss concerts a lot or better said i miss the times spent with my fellow musicians and the warmth of a concert hall full of audience, not to mention the sound of applaud!
  • WBYO member, 01.03.2021:
    Corona virus really affected all of the people in the world, but most of all musicians. Since art is considered as just art and not a job, many concerts are cancelled, many orchestras projects because of travelling, and also it affected my plans for master year. I get many opportunities to go somewhere else, but because of the current situation I decided to stay one year here till the situation get better. To be honest, with my practicing part it was inspiring, musicians need concerts, but also they need a good isolation for practicing, and that's the only positive thing about this situation. For the lectures some of them were online, but most of them was in live with the professor, and that's what I'm grateful on.

  • WBYO member, 06.03.2021:
    I've been mostly at home due to all my classes being held online. Although it has come to a certain dose of stagnation in the music development of students, I feel that this is the time to really reflect on what parts of playing technique needs enhancing. This Corona situation makes it harder to plan and organise things such as concerts, tours, traveling etc.