International Chamber Music Days, April 2023

East Bavarian Youth Symphony Orchestra and WBYO cooperate

From the programme of the project:

East Bavarian Youth Symphony Orchestra

We have been the national youth symphony orchestra for the districts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate for 30 years and offer our currently around 60 members a stage for symphonic orchestral work. In cooperation with professional lecturers, we develop a varied, symphonic program every year within the framework of four rehearsal phases, which we perform in our final concerts in September. You can find more information on our website


Western Balkans Youth Orchestra

We are a project orchestra that brings together young professional musicians from the six non-EU countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia) in roughly equal parts. As different as their ethnic, national, religious and cultural backgrounds may be, through getting to know each other in intensive rehearsals, performing as an ensemble on stage and touring together for several days, the young musicians merge into a unit - a masterpiece of cooperation and coordination of highest level that is normally only achieved by highly skilled professionals in far more stable environments! And so the WBYO youth become high-calibre ambassadors of cooperation in a region still marked by strife and discord. For more information, visit our website at


There has been a partnership between the two young orchestras since 2019. Within the framework of this partnership, the musicians have the opportunity to take part in projects of the respective partner orchestra and to get to know the cultures, some of which are still foreign to them.


With the help of the European Union's "Creative Europe 2021-2027" funding program, the International Chamber Music Days could now be held for the first time with selected members of both orchestras. 


In cooperation with:

  • Rebekka Hartmann, Violin
  • Ainis Kasperavicius, Viola
  • Mathieu Jocqué, Violoncello 
  • Nina Janßen-Deinzer, Winds 
  • Desar Sulejmani, Piano/Artistic Director
Photo: Stefan Frank
Photo: Stefan Frank