Concerts Overview

In the pipeline, not yet finalized, but mark your calendars:

Mendelssohn & Friends, Oct./Nov. 2024, Western Balkans+Germany

Date Time City  Location
18.10.2024   Shkodra (AL) Migjeni Theater  
19.10.2024   Tirana (AL) University of Arts 
20.10.2024   Podgorica (MNE) Montenegro Music Centre 
22.10.2024   Sarajevo (BIH) National Theatre 
23.10.2024   Belgrade (SRB) Kolarac Hall 
25.10.2024   Skopje (NMK) North Macedonian Philharmony  
26.10.2024   Prishtina (RKS) Red Hall 
29.10.2024   Gladbeck (D) Matthias-Jakobs-Stadthalle
02.11.2024   Königswinter (D) KWHotspot
03.11.2024   Duisburg (D) Mercatorhalle
06.11.2024 19:00  Essen (D) Reformationskirche Essen-Rüttenscheid 
07.11.2024   Kaiserslautern (D) Fruchthalle

Cooperation project of Les Essences and WBYO. More...

Western Balkans go Pop & Rock, July & Aug. 2024, West. Balkans + D

Concert Date Time City Location  
27.07.2024   Cetinje (MNE) Royal Zetski Dom (Open General Rehearsal)  
28.07.2024   Luštica (MNE) Luštica Bay  
29.07.2024   Žabljak (MNE)    
01.08.2024   Sarajevo (BIH) National Theatre   
03.08.2024   Gostivar (NMK)    
06.08.2024   Pristina (RKS)    
09.08.2024   Durrës (AL) Culture Centre "Aleksander Moisiu"   
11.08.2024   Novi Sad (SRB)    
16.08.2024   Berlin (D) Konzerthaus (Young Euro Classic Festival)  

"Europe is here" - Europe Day 2024 Tirana

Concert by invitation of the EU Delegation to Albania, within the program of Europe Day 2024. More...

Concert Date  Time City Location
09.05.2024 19:00 Tirana/AL Concert Hall of the University of Arts

Western Balkans go Dance, July & Aug. 2023, Western Balkans + D

Concert Date  Time City Location
29.07.2023 21:00 Durres/AL Roman Amphitheatre
31.07.2023 20:00 Tetovo/NMK Culture Palace 
01.08.2023 20:30  Pristina/RKS  Atelier of Youth and Sports Palace
04.08.2023 19:30  Sarajevo/BIH Army Hall
06.08.2023 21:30  Kotor/NME Open Air (Cinema Square)
08.08.2023 20:00  Novi Sad/SRB Synagoge
12.08.2023 20:00 Berlin/D Konzerthaus (Young Euro Classic Festival)
14.08.2023 19:00 Essen/D Philharmonie (Charity concert "Let's dance")

Cooperation with Rotary Orchestra Germany, June 2023

Concert Date  Time City Location
10.06.2023 19:30 Maastricht/NL Theresia Church (hosted by Rotary Club Maastricht)
11.06.2023 19:30 Aachen/D Katschhof, Open Air (part of cultural program of the Aachen Pilgrimage 2023)

Six guests from the WBYO join the Rotary Orchestra Germany for two Charity concerts, featuring a.o. the 9th symphony  of Antonín Dvořák "From the New World". Concert Programme. More...

International Chamber Music Days, April 2023 (East Bavaria/D)

Concert Date  Time City Location
14.04.2023 19:00 Freyung/D Kurhaus Freyung (Free admission, donations welcome)
15.04.2023 19:00 Dingolfing/D Herzogsburg Dingolfing (Free admission, donations welcome)
16.04.2023 16:00 Freising/D Diözesanmuseum Freising (Free admission, donations welcome) 

Members of the Western Balkans Youth Orchestra and the East Bavarian Youth Symphony Orchestra cooperate. See project information.

"New Ways" - Summer Tour 2022, Part 2 (Germany)

"New Ways" - Summer Tour 2022, Part 1 (Western Balkans)

Concert Date  Time City Location
21.07.2022 20:15 Pristina/RKS Concert Hall at the Bogdani Polis Centre (below the Cathedral)
22.07.2022 20:30 Skopje/NMK Museum of the Macedonian Struggle
24.07.2022 19:30 Novi Sad/SRB Synagogue
26.07.2022 19:30  Mostar/BIH Croatian Lodge "Herceg Stjepan Kosača"
28.07.2022 21:00 Kotor/NME Our Lady's Temple of Prčanj (KotorArt Festival)

"Better Together" - Europe Day Novi Sad 2022

Concert by invitation of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, within the program of Europe Day 2022 and European Capital of Culture 2022 Novi Sad. Concert Programme.

Concert Date  Time City Location
09.05.2022 20:00 Novi Sad/SRB Liberty Square 

WBYO October 2021 Concert Tour

Many strings - one direction!

The working phase and concert tour was carried out in the period 08. - 17. October 2021. Concert Programme.

Concert Date  Time City Location
14.10.2021 19:30  Pristina/RKS Red Hall (subject to COVID rules)
15.10.2021 19:00  Skopje/NMK

Great Concert Hall of the North Macedonian Philharmony
(as part of Festival Skena e Muzikës Serioze Shqiptare)

17.10.2021 19:00  Tirana/AL

Concert Hall of the Orthodox Resurrection Church
(as part of the German October of the German Embassy)

WBYO Spring 2020 Concert Tour (cancelled*)

*) The concert tour had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemia.

Concert Date  Time City Location
07.03.2020*  19:00 Tirana/AL Concert Hall of the Orthodox Church                                
08.03.2020*  20:00 Budva/NME Hotel Palas, Petrovac                                                            
10.03.2020*  19:00 Sarajevo/BIH Army Hall Cultural Center                                                    
12.03.2020*  19:00 Belgrade/SRB  City Hall 
13.03.2020*  20:00  Skopje/NMK  North Macedonian Philharmony 
14.03.2020*   19:30 Pristina  Red Hall