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The musicians of the Western Balkans Youth Orchestra (in alphabetical order):

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ALIU, Gentian | Serbia

Gentian Aliu was born in Preševo, South of Serbia. He finished the High School of Music "Selami Hallaci" in Gjilan and earned his violin degree in the Academy of Arts in Pristina with Sihana Badivuku.


He has performed with several chamber music ensembles and orchestras in different festivals and concerts in Kosovo, Serbia and abroad.


He has also participated and won prizes in different international competitions for violin as f.E. in ArsKosova Music Competition, Violin Festival for Youth Virtuoso Violinists in Skopje. He was a member of the KamerFest Orchestra, as part of the DAM Festival and has played as a soloist with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra in "Skena Iuvenis" and the Festival Orchestra in the light of the European Summer Music Academy, ESMA.  


Gentian is member of the Kosovo Youth Orchestra (KYO) for more than 10 years and actually holds the position of its concertmaster.


During this time, he has participated and collaborated with many European young musicians performing concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, North Macedonia etc.


Actually, Gentian works as member of Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches violin in his home city, Preševo, Serbia. 

ALIU, Lida | North Macedonia

Lida Aliu is from Tetovo, North Macedonia.


She graduated from the Todor Skallovski-Tetoec High School of Music in Tetovo in the class of Nada Leshkovska. 


She continued and completed her studies at the Faculty of Music at St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje with Ljubisa Kirovski. 


During her time as a student, Lida has not only performed as a soloist and a member of the Faculty Symphony Orchestra and Soloists of the Faculty of Music Arts Orchestra, but also collaborated with the German violinist Kirill Troussov, Stefan Milenkovic and Maksim Fedotov.


Lida has competed in many national and international competitions where she was awarded in both, solo and chamber ensembles categories. She has participated in various concerts, projects, festivals such as "Volin Fest" in Skopje, North Macedonia, "Festival d’ Aix-en-Provence” in Marseille, Aix en Provence, France, “DAM Fest” in Pristina, Kosovo,” Skopsko Leto” in Skopje, North Macedonia, “FIMU” in Belfort, France where she was the concertmaster of the Faculty of Musical Arts as well. 


In 2012 Lida attended the seminar of Ulrike Danhoffer, Austria, and was one of the ten winners of the seminar held by the renowned Japanese violinist Midori Goto in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2017.


In 2018 she received the “July 26" award, one of her most important awards, which is given to the best student in architecture, social sciences and arts by the Frank Harkord Maning Foundation.


Lida also participated twice in the French Mediterranean Orchestra with concerts in Marseille, Aix en Provence, Zadar, Ljubljana where she won special awards.

BAKALLI, Rron | Kosovo   

Rron Bakalli is from Gjakova, Kosovo.


He finished the Elementary and High School in Gjakova and then continued his violin studies and earned a bachelor degree at the University of Prishtina with Sihana Badivuku.


Rron has participated in many festivals in Kosovo as a member of chamber ensembles and orchestras. He is one of the members of the Ensemble "Pirolo" and along with its other members have been representing their city of Gjakova in artistic activities in Kosovo and abroad. 


He was the winner of the first two awards in the competition "Ars Kosova" and winner of the first prize in the competition "Pjeter Gaci". 


He has attended many masterclasses in Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany and France with Boris Brotsyn, Clara Jumi Young, Alexandre Dubach, Walter Schraiber, Januz Nykel, Alfonso Fesch, Rudens Turku, Ozcan Ulucan. 


Rron is currently a member of the Kosovo Philharmonic and at the same time he’s working on pursuing his Masters degree

EFTIMOV, Bojan | North Macedonia

Bojan Eftimov (1996) started playing the violin at 11 years old. He graduated from the Ilija Nikolovski- LUJ High School of Music in the class of professor Jelena Stanishikj, and then he completed his studies at the Faculty of Music at St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in the class of professor Ljubisa Kirovski. In the second year of his studies he became a member in the orchestra “Soloists of FMU” and with them he participated on numerous concerts all over Macedonia.


He won several first, second and third prizes at the national violin competitions in Skopje. Has performed on numerous solo concerts at the school DMBUC “Ilija Nikolovski LUJ” and participated as a member of this school's symphony orchestra conducted by Le Fi Fi with many concerts in Skopje, Kochani and Bitola. In 2013 he participated as a member in the Project “Friendship” between the school “Ilija Nikolovski LUJ” and the school “Lilla Akademien” from Sweden, conducted by Niklas Breman, with two concerts – one in Skopje and one in Stockholm.In 2014 he was a member in the project “Youth super orchestra” conducted by Jelena Shushnikj, with 3 concerts in Ljubljana, Belgrade and Skopje.


In 2017, he gave his first solo concert in Strumica. In 2018, participated as a member in the festival “FIMU” with the orchestra and choir of the Faculty of Music Arts with two concerts in Belfort, France.


He is a member of a chamber orchestra conducted by Agona Cupi with whom he had concerts in Skopje, Kichevo, Pech and two different concerts in the Dam Fest festival in Prishtina. In 2018 he participated as a member of this orchestra and won the second prize at the international chamber competition in Elbasan, Albania. He attended as a member on orchestral projects and collaborated with violinists such as Maksim Fedotov from Russia and Stefan Milenkovich from Serbia.

FEJZA, Fortesa | Kosovo   

Fortesa Fejza is a violonist from Kosovo. 


She has participated in many seasons of Ars Kosovo, where she has won the 1st prize in 2007, 2009, 2011, the 2nd prize in 2006, 2008 and 3d prize in 2005.


She was the 3d prize winner in an international competition held in North Macedonia in 2006


Fortesa has given recitals in Pristina in 2012, 2013, 2014 and later as part of the DAM Festival and has also toured with the Kosovo Youth Orchestra in Italy in 2013. 


She has performed in concerts with different chamber ensembles in Ardingly College as part of the British Isles Music Festival in London and the Pro Corda Music Festival in 2015.


She has played with the IJO, in light of the International Orchestra Academy in Germany


Fortesa has attended masterclasses with Ulrike Danhofer, Richard Deakin, Matthew Jones, Lisa Ueda etc.

She is currently a member of the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra "Rexho Mulliqi".

HADŽIĆ, Sabina | Bosnia & Hercegovina

Sabina Hadzic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1994.


She has started her music education in her city at 8 years old. 


She continued her studies at the “Mladen Pozajic” Primary Music School graduated in the Secondary Music School Sarajevo with Marina Tomic in 2013. 


Sabina is currently attending her violin studies at the Music Academy of Sarajevo, in her 4th academic year, with YeonJu Jeong. 


Alongside her formal music education, she’s had the opportunity to work with internationally renowned artists and violin pedagogues such as Sergey Kravchenko, Cihat Aşkın, Jovan Bogosavljevic, Orest Shourgot, etc.


She had participated in several national music competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina where she has won multiple prizes. 


Sabina has performed in numerous concerts as a soloist, member of chamber ensembles and orchestras in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Germany. 

Highlights of such concerts include those with the Chamber String Ensemble Sarajevo, Amesa Quartet, String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of the Academy of Music of Sarajevo and Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. 


She has also performed in the festivals Majske muzičke svečanosti, Orfej, Sarajevska zima. 


Sabina has a special interest in sociological research about the role of music in the contemporary Bosnian society. Since 2017 she has been among the active organizers, data analysts and participants of public art projects such as Ko to tamo svira? (Who plays there?), A3, and muSinteza (my Synthesis). 


Furthermore, she is interested in actively shaping a new discourse on music among younger generations and cherishes a love for free instrumental improvisation and experimental jazz. 


She has been appointed the principal second violin of the newly formed  Sarajevo Youth Symphony Orchestra, part of a pilot project.

HAXHIASI, Erind | Albania   

Erind Haxhiasi was born in 1998 in Tirana, Albania. 


He started studying violin at age of six at the National School of Arts “Jordan Misja" with Albana Zoto, from where he graduated in 2016.


He continued his studies at the University of Arts in Tirana and currently is working towards his Master Degree with Bujar Sykja.


Erind has taken part in different music competitions like Earth Songs, where he won the Special Prize, Ars Kosova, wining the 2nd and 1st prize, Tirana Talent, where he was awarded with the 1st prize. 


He has attended many masterclasses as well with Alban Pengili, Amiram Ganz, Jani Papadhimitri, Janusz Nykiel, Walter Schreiber, Adam Gruchot etc. 


In light of the ERASMUS student’s exchanges programme, Erind was a student of Adam Gruchot at the Music Conservatory of Kristiansand, Norway in 2019.

KARAKASHEVA, Liljana  | North Macedonia

Liljana Karakasheva was born in Strumica, North Macedonia in 1999. 


She has started her music education in violin at the age of seven in Strumica. 


Later, she studied in the Music High School DMUC “Sergej Mihajlov” in Stip with Angelina Simeonova. While there, she performed at numerous events as a soloist, with chamber groups and orchestras. 


Liljana continued her studies at Goce Delcev University in Stip with Sofija Nikoska. 


During her third year of studies, she also studied at the University of Ljubljana - Akademija za glasbo in Slovenia with Janez Podlesek in light of the Erasmus programme.


She has performed with the Chamber Strings Orchestra under the instruction of Janez Podlesek, and the Symphony Orchestra at Akademija za glasbo, under the instruction of conductor Simon Dvoršak.


In 2019 Liljana, along with 80 other people from different countries, participated in the BISYOC Summer Camp in Struga, North Macedonia with the conductor Julian Gibbons. 

NICAJ, Dea | Montenegro

Dea Nicaj was born in Cetinje, Montenegro.


She began her musical studies for violin at the age of six in the Music School "André Navarra", and continued with Ana Perazić and Vili Ferdinandi in the Music School "Vasa Pavić". 


She is currently a student of Gertrud Schilde at the HMTM (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich).


Dea has participated in masterclasses and seminars with violinists such as Iason Keramidis, Sonja Korkeala, Marko Radonić, Mikhail Bereznitskiy, Stefan Milenković, Daniel Garlitsky and Linus Roth. 


She has also won numerous prizes in national and international competitions including the 2nd prize in” Ars Kosova”, Pristina, Kosovo in 2016, the 2nd prize in” Medjunarodni susreti violinista”, Novi Sad, Serbia in 2017, the 1st prize in “Tirana Talent”, Tirana, Albania in 2017, 2019 etc. 

OBRENOVIĆ, Dušan | Montenegro

Dušan Obrenović was born in Cetinje, Montenegro in 1997.


He graduated Violin in High Music school “Vasa Pavić” in Podgorica with Marko Simović.


He continued his education at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia with Miroslav Pavlović, the first concertmaster of the Belgrade Philharmonic.


Dušan has participated in competitions such as "Pjetër Gaci" in Shkoder, Albania, String Festival "Golden Stairs" in Valjevo, 40th and 41st String Music Festival in Herceg Novi and Podgorica, where he was awarded with the first and second prizes.


From 2013 to 2016, he attended the Summer Camp for Chamber Music and Orchestra at Ivanova Korita, Montenegro, led by the conductors Elizabeth Atl, Thomas Posth, Jean-Michel Despin. 


Dušan has performed in projects as El Sistema in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018 with the conductor Gerardo Estrada, with the KotorArt Festival Orchestra, in Kotor, Montenegro in 2018, 2019 with conductors Premil Petrović, Julio Marić, Jacek Rogala.  He has also performed in recitals, chamber music and orchestra concerts while at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts in 2017 – 2019 with soloists Stefan Milenkovich, violin, Kemal Gekić, piano.


PETRAŠ, Staša | Serbia

Staša Petraš is from Belgrade, Serbia.


She comes from a long line musical family, where her great grandfather was a violin and trumpet player, her grandfather was an orchestra conductor and a piano player, and her father is a trumpet player.


She started playing violin at 6 years old.  She has finished the Elementary School of Music in Belgrade and is currently attending violin studies, 3d year, in the High School of Music “Stevan Mokranjac” in Belgrade.


Staša was a member of The Youth Philharmonic Orchestra for two years and continues to be a member of The Children’s Regional Philharmonic Orchestra as the first violin on second position.


She has attended various competition and won numerous awards such as the 3d prize in the Slavic Music Festival, the 2nd prize in the International Violinist Meeting, the special prize for the best chamber ensemble in The Joy of Music Festival, the 1st prize in the International Festival “Petar Konjović”, the 1st prize in the Young Virtuosi.


Staša has performed three times as a soloist with the Art Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence of Serbia.


As a young violinist, she enjoys travelling and performing with orchestras, making new friends and discovering different cultures aiming to become a professional violinist. 


Staša Petraš is at the violin class of Prof. Venia Žarković.

TEŠIĆ, Bobana | Bosnia & Hercegovina

Bobana Tešić, born in Montenegro, has been playing violin since the age of seven. 


She finished her studies in the Music High School "Vida Matjan", Kotor,  completed two year studies for trumpete in the Music High School of Tivat and also finished the High School "Mladost" in Tivat, receiving the diploma "Luča" for the highest excellent success during during her entire school education.


She was a member of mandolin orchestra "Tripo Tomas", violin section, Montenegro Youth Orchestra and also played with the conductor Darinka Matić Marović.


Since 2018, Bobana has worked with professor Vladimir Marković and is currently on the 2nd year of her Bachelor studies at the Academy of Music in the University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


She has participated and won prizes in national and international competitions such as Trophée Mondial De L'accordéon in 2019, Portugal, where she played with accordionist Aleksa Mirković of Serbia, "Euterpe", Italy, "Distant chords" Croatia, annual "Musical Youth Festival of Montenegro" etc. 

VEJZOVIĆ, Senka | Bosnia & Hercegovina

Senka Vejzović was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1998. 


She has graduated from elementary music school and high music school in Zenica and is currently studying violin at the Music Academy Sarajevo in her 2nd year with Marko Simović.


She has participated in national and regional competitions for violin, string ensembles and non-standard ensembles, winning first, second and third prizes. 


She participated in the 10th International String Festival "Stringfest" in Sremska Mitrovica in 2012, where she won the 3d prize and in the String Festival "Golden Stairs" in Valjevo in 2017 and has also participated in other projects and festivals such as "Music on the string - in short" on the 5th International Festival "Music on the String", "Zenica Spring" and "Zenica Summerfest". 


Senka is regularly performing concerts with Zenica Chamber Symphony Orchestra. She joined Sahadeva Ensemble on a Balkan Tour with performances in Belgrade, Nis, Skopje, Sofia and Plovdiv in November 2019.


She is currently in her second year of studying violin at the Music Academy Sarajevo in the class of Marko Simović.


ÐORÐEVIĆ, Nataša  | Serbia

Nataša Đorđević was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1999. 


She obtained her elementary and secondary music education at the Music High School “Mokranjac” in Belgrade.  During her education she has won first and second prizes on national and international competitions. 


She was a member of Naissus Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in Niš, Serbia, Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra in Kranevo, Bulgaria, Ministry of Defense Art Ensemble 'Stanislav Binički in Belgrade, Serbia. 


Nataša has been a regular member of the Borislav Pašćan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Belgrade, Serbia with which she has performed a number of concerts in Serbia and abroad for five years.  She has also attended masterclasses by the renowned artists Zoran Jakovčić, US and Olga Kozurina, Russia. 


Nataša is currently a sophomore in viola at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Dusica Polovina.

MAQELLARI, Eni | Albania

Eni Maqellari began her violin career at the age of six at the “Jordan Misja” Art School in Tirana, Albania. 


After completing her 9-year school cycle, she continued studying violin with E. Katroshi. During her high school years, she was member of  and has performed with several orchestras such as Tirana Orchestra, Chamber Fest Durres, ESMA Gjakova and Rrok Academi, developing this way her artistic activities at home and abroad.



She was the winner of the 1st prize and Grand prize at "Tirana Talent" 2017 & 2019 respectively, 1st prize at "Ars Kosova" 2017, and one of the semifinalists at "Albanian Young Musicians" in 2018.

MULABDIĆ, Ajdin | Bosnia & Hercegovina

Ajdin Mulabdić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1997. 


He started studying violin at the age of eight in the class of Dijana Đurđević. 

He continued his viola studies at the Music High School of Sarajevo with Tatjana Romanić, from where he was graduated with great success. While attending the high school, he has participated in national and international competitions and was awarded with first and second prizes. 


In 2017-2018 Ajdin attended the Erasmus programme at the Conservatorio di Musica "G. Tartini" di Trieste in the class of Andrea Amendola. He has also participated at various music festivals, such as the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival, Sarajevo Winter Festival, Mittelfest Cividale del Friuli, Ljubljana International Festival, Festival Opatija, Pula Summer Festival, Sarajevske Večeri Muzike, Majske Muzičke Svečanosti, and was a member of Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra for five years. 


As a soloist, chamber assemble and orchestra member, he has performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Qatar. 

Currently, Ajdin is a student of the 4th year at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo in the class of Pavel Kandrusevich. 

QARKAGJIJA, Entela | Kosovo   

Entela Qarkagjija was born in Gjakova, Kosovo in 1999.


She finished her viola studies at the Music High School "Prenk Jakova" in Gjakova, Kosovo and is currently studying viola with Blerim Grubi in her second year at the Faculty of Arts "Hasan Prishtina" in Pristina, Kosovo.


Entela was the winner of the 3d prize in the “10 Min Solo Viola Competition” in DAM Festival, and the 2nd prize in the competitions of Pjeter Gaci in Shkodra and Ars Kosova in Pristina.


She has collaborated with various orchestras such as Pirolo orchestra, Kosovo Youth Orchestra, Gjakova Ensemble, Bisyoc Orchestra, European Summer Music Academy Orchestra etc. with which she has performed in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. 

Entela has started to perform with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra as well lately.

SIMIĆ, Ana | Serbia

Ana Simić was born in Loznica, Serbia in 1996.


She graduated from High School of Music “Mokranjac”, Belgrade in the viola class of Tomislav Milošević in 2015. 


During the High School she was the 2nd prize winner of the Republican Competiton of Students of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia and the 1st prize winner of the International Strings Competition in Sremska Mitrovica.


Ana started her studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Music Arts with Ljubomir Milanović in 2015 and is currently working towards her master degree. 


She attended the masterclasses of prof. Susan Sholze in the light of the European days of Early Music "Per Cantar e sonar" and performed at different chamber music concerts and festivals, as "Kvartetijada", and was a member of orchestras such as "Lola klasik", "Beogradski simfoničari" of Beogradska Filharmonija Mladih "Borislav Pašćan".

She has toured with the Music Academy Orchestra in Italy and Slovenia. 


Ana has also graduated from Opera Singing High School "Stanković" in the class of Ana Lačković in Belgrade and currently is preparing to continue her opera singing studies abroad.


ALJI, Enis | North Macedonia   

Enis Alji was born in the city of Skopje, North Macedonia and raised in a family who admire art and music.


He started playing the cello at eleven years old.


Later, he began studying in the high school of music “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj" in Skopje to continue his artistic education. He has actively participated in many competitions nationally and internationally held in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, where he was awarded with first prizes.


He continued his studies at the University of Arts in Tirana with Dorina Laro, from where he was graduated in 2018.


Enis has participated in masterclasses with well-known artists such as Anssi Karttunen, Anatoli Krastev, Karel Brenderhorst, Astrit Selita, Antonio Gashi. 

He also has collaborations with orchestras, different ensembles and artists, e.g. Maria Jose Siri, Glen Cortese, Guido Corti, Francesco Leda, Stefano Bartolucci. 

ASLLANAJ, Fjolla | Kosovo

Fjolla Asllanaj was born in Pristina, Kosovo in 1997.


She started to take her first cello lesson with Antonio Gashi when she was 8 years old. 


She continued her musical studies at the Music High School ''Prenk Jakova" in Pristina and currently is studying for her cello master degree at the Faculty of Arts Department of Music with Antonio Gashi.


Fjolla has participated in ArsKosova competition where she won the 2nd and 3d prizes. 


She has attended masterclasses with the cellists Mark Lambrecht, Michael Kanka, F.Dodge, Karel Bredenhorst, Kian Soltani, Miltiades Cassaras, Denis Shapovalove etc.


She regularly participates in European Summer Music Acdemy and is a member of KamerFest String Orchestra.

USKOKOVIĆ, Teodora | Montenegro   

Teodora Uskoković was born in Podgorica in 1998.


She has finished her theoretical studies in the High School for Music and Ballet “Vasa Pavić”. While in the High School she was also studying cello with Jovana Timotijević and later graduated in the private music school “Andre Navara” in Podgorica with Bogdan Asanović.


Teodora continued her cello studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia in the class of Marko Miletić. 


She has worked with famous and respectable artist such as Georg Baich, her professor while studying in Vienna for one semester, Jelena Dragnić, Vladan Lončar, Boris Brezovac, Aleksandar Latković, all string quartet members of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.


Orchestras she had performed with include orchestras the Academic Orchestra Youth Philharmonic of Novi Sad, Kotor Art, El Sistema and many more. 


She won the 1st prize on the national competition “Zlatna Lira” in 2016 and the 3d prize on the competition “Zlatne stepenice” in Valjevo, Serbia. 


In 2018 Teodora and her academic piano trio “AROM”, the class of Timea Kalmar, finished the 3d on the international competition “Davorin Jenko”.


In 2019 she and her academic string quartet in the class of Aleksandra Krčmar Ćulibrk were awarded. 


She performed in a concert with her piano trio “Eroica” in the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje in September 2019.

ZOTO, Klaudio | Albania

Klaudio Zoto is from Tirana, Albania.


He started his cello lessons when he was 6 years old with Ridvana Selita. 


By the age of seven he held his first recital. During the same year, he won the First Absolute Prize in ArsKosova competition in Prishtina, Kosovo. 

He continued winning first prizes in other competitions such as Tirana Talent in Tirana, Albania, Agimus Competition in Padova, Italy, Euritmia Competition in Udine, Italy. 


He was the vinner of the Grand Prix at the Polyhymnia Competition in Skopje, North Macedonia and Pjeter Gaci Competition in Shkoder, Albania.


Klaudio has attended masterclasses of the well-known cellists such Antonio Meneses, David Geringas, Anssi Kartunen


In February/April 2018, Klaudio participated in and was one of the finalist of the TV Competition 'Virtuozet' (Prodigies), hosted by the well-known Albanian soprano Inva Mula. In June 2018 he won the “Albanian Young Musicians” and therefore represented Albania on the “Eurovision Young Musicians” for the first time. 


At 15, Klaudio performed the Elgar's Cello Concerto with Ricardo Casero and National Opera Orchestra of Albania.


In August 2019 he was the 1st cello of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Young and had the opportunity of working with Pablo Heras-Casado, Julian Rachlin, Detlev Glanert and performing in Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Flagey, Brussels. 


In September 2018 Klaudio has started his cello studies at the Accademia Walter Stauffer in Cremona, Italy with Antonio Meneses.

Double Basses

DOKLJANOV, Filip | Serbia

Filip Dokljanov was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1998.


He finished high school for tambura and double bass in Vršac. 


He continued double bass studies at Faculty of Arts in Belgrade and is currently in his third year of studies.


In 2018/19, in light of the Erasmus programme, Filip studied at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo in Spain where he played with Orquesta Clásica de Vigo and Orquestra Vigo 430.  In 2018 he toured with AKUD "Ivo Lola Ribar" in Japan for 2 months. 


Filip has participated in many other international music projects as well in France, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro. At present, Filip is performing as a member the Youth philharmonic "Borislav Pašćan" and also the National Ensemble "Kolo".

SPAHIU, Xhorxhio | Albania   

Xhorxhio Spahiu was born in Tirana, Albania.


He finished his first piano studies in the Elementary School “Servete Maçi” and continued the studies in the High School of Music “Jordan Misja”.


Xhorxhio is currently studying double bass at the University of Arts, in 2nd year, with Arben Basha.


He has performed in many chamber music concerts in Italy, Kosovo among several places abroad, and also in different events with the University of Arts’ Orchestra e.g. the New Year’s Eve concerts conducted by Leonardo Quadrini.


Xhorxhio has also participated in the European Summer Music Academy, ESMA, in Gjakova, the National Meeting of “Strings Orchestra” and has attended masterclasses of the well-known double bassist Blendi Mersini among others.

TRIFUNOVIĆ, Aleksandra | Montenegro

 Aleksandra Trifunović  was born in Berane, Montenegro in 1996, where she finished the elementary music school for piano. 


At 15 years old, she went to Podgorica to attend the Music School "Vasa Pavić" where she studied and graduated in double bass with Veljko Belević.


Aleksandra is currently continuying her double bass studies at the Faculty of Arts in Niš, Serbia with Ljubinko Lazic.

As a member of the academic orchestra, she has participated in many projects and also collaborated with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.


Aleksandra has attended several music festivals such as the Bass Fest 2019, Cetinje, Montenegro, Bass Fest 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

She has participated in national and international competitions as well such as the Music Festival in Montenegro, the International String Competition, Niš, Serbia, "Stringfest", Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, International Competition Davorin Jenko, Belgrade, Serbia where she was awarded with prizes in both, solo and chamber music categories. She had also performed in recitals in Belgrade, Niš, Stara Pazova, Cetinje.


Aleksandra has attended masterclasses of the well-known double bassists Petru Iuga, Miloslav Jelinek, Roman Patkolo. 

She has attended masterclasses of well-known double bassists such as: Petru Iuga, Miloslav Jelinek, Roman Patkolo.


Currently, she is a student of Prof. Ljubinko Lazic at the Faculty of Arts in Niš.