WBYO 2021 official

"Western Balkans go dance" - Summer tour 2023

Here we show only a limited selection of photos. All photos of this tour are available here until 31.12.2023.

Essen/Germany, 14.08.2023 (Photos by Ulrike Schumann and Reinhard Goethe)

Photo Ulrike Schumann
Photo Ulrike Schumann

Novi Sad/Serbia, 08.08.2023 (Photos by Nenad Mihajlović)

Kotor/Montenegro, 06.08.2023 (Photos by Krsto Vulović)

Sarajevo/Bosnia and Hercegovina, 04.08.2023 (Photos by Raisa Muzikowska)

Pristina/Kosovo, 01.08.2023 (Photos by Lundrim Rexha)

Tetovo/North Macedonia, 31.07.2023 (Photos by Stefan Samandov)

Durres/Albania, 29.07.2023 (Photos by Griseld Hoxha)

21.07.2022 Pristina, Concert Hall at the Bogdani Polis Centre Report and photos of EU Delegation in Kosovo
22.07.2022 Skopje, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

Photos of Europe House MK

Report and photos of EU Delegation in North Macedonia

24.07.2022 Novi Sad, Synagoge Report and photos of EU Delegation in Serbia
26.07.2022 Mostar, Croatian Lodge "Herceg Stjepan Kosača"  
28.07.2022 Kotor, Prčanj Church Report and photos of KotorArt 
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14.08.2022 Berlin, Konzerthaus,  Impressions and photos of Young Euro Classic Festival
20.08.2022 Aachen, Aula der RWTH Report and photos of Rotary Club Aachen-Land

"Better together" - concert on Europe Day in Novi Sad, 09.05.2022

c) Concert on 09.05.2022 - Official photos by EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia

b) Concert Novi Sad, photos from the audience, 09.05.2022

a) Rehearsals Novi Sad, 05.-09.05.2022

d) Concert Tirana, 17.10.2021

Further Photos of Tirana Concert by Remila Maçi: Portraits - Mozart - In action - After the concert (Google Drive)

c) Concert Skopje, 15.10.2021 (marked photos Adem Marovci)

b) Concert Prishtina, 14.10.2021

Photos by Besnik Leka:

a) Masterclasses and rehearsals, 08.-14.10.2021 (Photos: Besnik Hamiti & Besnik Leka, ... and orchestra members)