WBYO 2021 official

"Better together" - concert on Europe Day in Novi Sad, 09.05.2022

c) Concert on 09.05.2022 - Official photos by EU Delegation to the Republic of Serbia

b) Concert Novi Sad, photos from the audience, 09.05.2022

a) Rehearsals Novi Sad, 05.-09.05.2022

d) Concert Tirana, 17.10.2021

Further Photos of Tirana Concert by Remila Maçi: Portraits - Mozart - In action - After the concert (Google Drive)

c) Concert Skopje, 15.10.2021 (marked photos Adem Marovci)

b) Concert Prishtina, 14.10.2021

Photos by Besnik Leka:

a) Masterclasses and rehearsals, 08.-14.10.2021 (Photos: Besnik Hamiti & Besnik Leka, ... and orchestra members)