What do you think about the WBYO project? What does it mean to you?

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    This project is really nice, you get to know new people and share the same interest for music. In addition, you learn from great musicians.

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    WBYO is something I heard of in 2017, right before I moved from Montenegro to the Netherlands, and is something that has always been in the back of my mind ever since. Growing up and educating myself musically in Montenegro, where at that time there were no consistent, organized youth ensembles/orchestras, I always thought this was a pity. Though there were occasional projects and festivals, I never thought that was enough. It would either happen too rarely, or have repetitive, non challenging repertoire, demotivated and tired musicians. I think music education in the Balkans overall - though it has a good basic philosophy, and no doubt load of talent and well-trained individual professionals - is pretty old-fashioned and students of music do not have enough options and possibilities to broaden their views and have new input and sources of inspiration regularly, which is essential for any artist, especially a developing, young, talented one. For the developing countries in the Western Balkans, the possibility of having an orchestra where all youth is invited and encouraged to join would mean a channel for the creative energy to gather and make something of value for the whole region in the long run.
    Personally I just want the orchestra to keep working and with our help start building an image and a name we can all be proud of. I am am more than glad to be joined by a number of my friends, all of who live in different places, and so many more musicians I haven't even had a chance to meet properly yet; knowing how many of us already live outside of Balkans and if not are planning to eventually do so, it makes me sad and I want us all, myself first, to have a strong, lasting musical link to the Balkans we can always go back to, cherish, improve and eventually leave to the next generations of motivated artists to do the same.

  • WBYO member, 21.02.2021:
    The WBYO project is very interesting .It is a great opportunity for us young artists to gain experience and share it with each other. I am very eager to be able to play in real life with all these talented young musicians, starting new friendships and promote our countries through music.

  • WBYO member, 01.03.2021:
    WBYO project, was a fresh start, project where we can still play, just this time while recording our orchestra parts. Such a new way of communication with ansamble. It came at the right time and we need to show that even in this situations music can't stop and can't be stopped.
  • WBYO member, 06.03.2021:
    This WBYO project means a lot to me. It sends a very important message across. Balkan countries are overlooked most of the time and Balkan students don't have the same amount of opportunities as students in some other parts of Europe or in EU (I'm talking about musical projects, workshops, masterclasses etc.). WBYO project ushers new opportunities for musical development of the Balkan musicians. I think that with this project, what is trying to be said, is that we're also part of the Europe and that Balkan countries deserve the same opportunities as every other European country.