What is your vision of the future of the WBYO?

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    WBYO is going to be an excellent opportunity for young musicians who live in the Western Balkan and want to improve their music making skills.

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    If I were to imagine an ideal future window for this orchestra it would be in short lines the following:
    • well thought-trough, planned repertoire per each season/year; space for musicians to give suggestions; program that keeps expanding over time yet always has staples orchestra can use and come back to;
    • even use of ALL musicians together, AND in smaller ensembles, combined in all ways possible.
    • occasional masterclass/training option for each section;
    • finding ways to make performances happen and as much exposure as possible;
    • good and active social media channels;
    • expansion to a Symphony Orchestra whenever possible
  • WBYO member, 21.02.2021:
    My wishes are that the wbyo grows bigger day by day, so that it becomes recognised worldwide!

  • WBYO member, 01.03.2021:
    My visions are to make many projects as possible, to make many masterclasses, to be part of such a talented players, maybe some travel projects sending a message to the world. That's how I see every young orchestra it need to be inspiring to the others.

  • WBYO member, 06.03.2021:
    I envision that WBYO will become a very recognisable name in the music industry. The very core idea of the WBYO is kind of revolutionary, so it is a great ground for a bright future as it has tendencies to grow in all kinds of music perspectives.