Do you have a wish or an idea for the further development of the WBYO project?

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    Concert tours around Europe would be nice, we could represent the Western Balkan in the most beautiful Concert Halls.

  • WBYO member, 20.02.2021:
    I would remind of and encourage giving the lead to musicians themselves every once in a while; rotating section leaders (often); taking special care of the youngest members; include older more experienced musicians in training and practicing with the younger ones; allow and encourage a lot of interaction; have occasional  non musical gatherings, allow space for exchange of ideas and thoughts, allow space for critique.
    Repertoire wise, being a string player and having in mind we only have strings for now, I have some staples I would love to work on with some of these musicians at some point in smaller groups:
    • Mendelssohn - String Octet E-flat Major, Op. 20
    • Brahms - String Sextet B-flat, Op. 18
    • Tchaikovsky - Serenade Op. 48
    • Dvorak - Serenade for Strings
    • a LOT of string quartets, using everyone.
  • WBYO member, 21.02.2021:
    I would like the idea of making a concert with film music, because that music is liked by so many people so maybe WBYO can reach more audience.

  • WBYO member, 01.03.2021:
    To play in real for real audience, till then we had a strong social-music message in this projects.