Peter Körner, Brass

Assoc. Prof. at the State Conservatory of the Uludag University in Bursa (TR)

Peter Körner, born in Warendorf, Germany in 1974, started trombone lessons at the age of 16. By age 18, under the tutelage of Oliver Siefert of the Frankfurt RSO, he began his studies in Weimar and later in Munich.


His professors Armin Bachmann and Wolfram Arndt and their respective schools have deeply imprinted themselves upon his playing. Also, other teachers over the years have impacted his playing: Branimir Slokar from Freiburg, Michael Mulcahy from Chicago and Tobias Füller of Düsseldorf. He has been able to incorporate their differing styles into his everyday playing.


After instructing more then 15 years as part of the music faculty of Bilkent University, and at the same time as co-principal of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Peter took a position as Assoc. Prof. Dr. at the State Conservatory of the Uludag University in Bursa. He is instructing students at the university as well as at a special conservatory for prep students.


Beside developing new trombone technology and mouthpieces for Thein Instruments, Peter is also engaged in writing articles and books. His works include his doctoral thesis on breathing techniques, as well as a recently published book in conjunction with Heinrich Thein entitled, “World of Alto Trombone”, recently published by Martin Schmid in March of 2015.


In addition to alto and tenor trombones, Peter is actively performing on the Euphonium and the Bass Trumpet with different orchestras. He performs chamber music as well, appearing with the Brass Quintett Brassmania, the trio Orient Express, as well as his solo work: One Night in the Opera.