1st Working Phase Retry - Octobre 2021

The 1st working phase of WBYO was originally scheduled for the period March 1-14, 2020, but had to be postponed due to the development of the Corona pandemia. We now plan to have this first physical working phase in the period 08 -17 Octobre 2021 and expect that the Corona situation will allow us to do so.


As the development of the pandemia continuously brings uncertainties into the planning and at the same time the capabilities of local administrations to render support are expected to be tighter than ever, the management intends to reduce the complexity of this new attempt to the lowest possible level which will still allow to achieve the key objective: letting the young musicians convene to make music together and to share their enthusiasm with the public by giving a minimum number of concerts. Thus, the originally planned 1.300 km concert tour through the six involved WB countries* will this time be limited to 3 concerts in close-by cities of Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania. And there will be a “plan B” of again virtual operation for the case that even in Octobre a “real” getting together proves impossible. In spring 2021, WBYO management is elaborating the project and funding on this basis. As soon as further details are worked out they will be available here. 

Date Activity City Location
07.10.2021 Arrival of participants Prishtina  
08.-14.10.2021 Master classes and orchestra rehearsals Prishtina  
14.10.2021 1st concert Prishtina Red Hall (inquired) 
15.10.2021 2nd concert Skopje Concert Hall of the North Macedonian Philharmony
17.10.2021 3rd concert Tirana Concert Hall of the Orthodox Church
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